Do’s and Don’ts of Using the Live Chat Support Service

More and more companies who are using live chat software services on their business sites have significant increase in their products and services sales. Live chat software services ensure that all customers’ queries will be answered in real time, preventing clients from leaving the website without purchasing anything or queries left unanswered. The live chat software service is an effective way to serve the customers more effectively without the need to use the phone to call the customer service.

Live ChatUsing the live chat software service is a win-win situation for both the clients and the company. It ensures that every customer experience is rewarding and at the same time, it improves the sales of the company as well. Instead of sending any emails to the company, which usually takes time to be answered, clients just need to visit the company’s website and a live chat service specialist can quickly provide the answers and follow-ups they are making.

Do’s and Don’ts of Live Chat

If it is the first time for your company to use the live chat service in providing assistance and service to your clients, these do’s and don’ts will give you an idea on what are the things you should do and the things you should not do.

1.Always indicate the time a live support service support is available.

Always indicate the operating hours of your company’s live support service support. When a customer leave real time messages and no one will be able to answer it will leave a negative impression or comment regarding your business. Whether your live support service support operates only during the regular business hour or is operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, always make sure that the information is conveyed directly to all the clients.

2.Never make the things complicated for the clients.

A client’s time is as precious as your business’ time. Do not provide complicated and hard-to-follow directions to the clients. Always keep all the tools as simple as possible. Providing a one-click system to your clients will make them realize that the company is not only about sales; it cares about the convenience of the clients as well.

3.Always personalize every live chat session and make the clients feel that they are talking to a real person.

In some situations, especially in peak hours, the business would need to make use of an automated response system when answering a client’s query. However, when responding to a client’s query in real time, always make them feel that the person they are talking with is a real one. Always personalize the chat messages you are sending to the clients.

4.Do not let the customers feel that you know all their information.

One feature of a live chat service tool is to gain access with all of the client’s information like addresses, location, credit card information and more. But, always keep in mind that all people (even you) values privacy very much, so when you are talking with a client, do not provide any of the client’s information. Giving out this information to the person will just make them feel uncomfortable and will not trust the company again.

5.Stay focused

Not only for the sales but also for the client. Using live chat services gives the live chat service agent the opportunity to multi-task and handle several clients at the same time. Because of this, the live support agent may have difficulties remembering what the other session is all about – causing mistakes in handling other clients as well. Keep in mind that in switching from one session to another, always stay focused. Avoid providing the wrong information and message to another client or much worse, avoid providing the wrong name.

6.Always test the system first before launching.

It is proven that live chat services are very effective for most businesses. However, before you use the live chat service for your own business, test the systems first. You do not want to let the clients feel that you do not know anything about the service you are offering.