What Makes a Better Golf Club?

Golf is a sport that relies both on the golfer’s skills and the golfer’s equipment. You would never see a professional golfer use cheap or beginner-quality woods and irons on the course, and it is obvious why. Good equipment makes golfers play well; better equipment makes golfers play even better.

However, how do you know what makes a golf club good or a better golf club? How would you know whether to get Ping, Titlist, or Taylor made golf clubs? The answer is that while the company name might give you an idea of the products they carry, you should judge the product itself before you purchase.

The Feel

One of the biggest considerations you should take note of is the overall feel of the club. As a beginner, you probably will not notice all the intricate differences between a beginner’s club and a professional one, but once you have had a few tastes of the game, your hands will know the touch of a cheap golf club to that of a professional brand like Taylormade golf clubs.

For the most part, professional clubs are made lighter than cheaper ones, and while most brands will strive to lighten the weight of their clubs to give golfers an easier control of their swings, no two brands will feel the same for everyone, simply because different companies will use different materials and manufacturing techniques. Of course, certain golf clubs are supposed to be made with wooden or iron shafts, but the materials for these will differ, too.

Another thing to note in the feel department is the grip of the handle. Professional players spend top dollar for golfing gloves that will give them the best non-slick grip on their clubs, simply because a sure and steady swing will produce the best and most controlled fly path. You would not want a wobbly club hitting your golf ball all over the place.

Feel the handle, the grip, see how soft it feels to the bare skin, then try on a pair of gloves and see how it feels with that. You should try gripping the club in different scenarios – some shoppers even wet their hands with water to see how the club will fare with a sweaty grip.


The Look

Looks might not fall too big in the criteria, but then again, you would not see unpainted Taylormade golf irons, either. Aesthetics still come into play even for golfing equipment, as you should get a set of clubs with a design you are comfortable, if not proud of. Imagine a hardcore rock star given a baby pink guitar with glittery unicorns painted all over – do you think he could still play? He might be too embarrassed or distracted by his equipment’s design to be able to perform his best. The same goes in sports, golf included. The design should be tasteful enough to show class and to give pride to the owner, and if the owner is proud of how his or her golf clubs look, then you can be sure that he will be more confident in his or her swing.

The Promise

The most important aspect would have to be the performance, of course. Those expensive clubs promise an extra boost in terms of distance, but does it deliver? You would not want to pay hundreds of dollars for a set of golf clubs that do not seem to do what they promised to.

Testing this could be tricky, however, as the best way to know is to try the golf club for yourself, using your own hands, skills, and technique. Most stores will not have that kind of testing capability, and you could not absolutely rely on advertisement statistics, as those were gathered using robotic testing, meaning results could vary in humans. The best way to go at this is to check out reputable reviews, or, if you have friends who have the golf clubs you want to purchase, ask them if you could try them out for yourself.

Worth the Price

Many will think twice before buying a premium set of Ping or Taylormade golf clubs simply because they are indeed expensive. However, if the clubs were made with a design that you really like, with a weight and feel that you absolutely love, and if they perform just as they said they would, then the price should not a problem as you would have definitely purchased a better set of golf clubs that were worth every penny.

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The design should be tasteful enough to show class and to give pride to the owner, and if the owner is proud of how his or her golf clubs look, then you can be sure that he will be more confident in his or her swing. Check out  to this site www.rockbottomgolf.com to learn more!